All Orders: All items are made to order and unless it is a custom order they are made to the exact specifications shown in the photos. 

Custom Orders:
There is a 50% down payment for all customer orders, due once the order has been finalized.  The final payment is due when the item is finished prior to shipment.  

Warranty:  There is a 6 month warranty on all bracelets.  This warranty covers:

Elastic Cord:  In the event that the elastic cord breaks or becomes damaged in anyway due to natural wear, please return the bracelet including all gemstones and the elastic cord.  Once the item is returned your shipping and handling will be refunded to you.  

This warranty does not cover any damage done to the gemstones.  Every item will be inspected prior to shipping to ensure all items are without damage.  I am not responsible for damage that occurred during shipping.  If items are received damaged you will need to contact your local post office. 

When placing your order please make sure your shipping information is correct.  I will not be responsible for any orders that were shipped to an incorrect address.  

Gemstone Meanings: The descriptions of the properties, qualities and meanings of the crystals refer to healing benefits that have been found by healers, shamans and those who have gone looking for something alternative to heal themselves.  They are not intended to replace diagnosis of illness or ailments, nor medicine and cannot imply a guarantee of effect.  This should be seen as supportive to your healing, as crystals do not offer a direct cure to physical ailments, they work on one's vital energy levels.  If you purchase these item you are doing so based on your own beliefs in the healing properties of the stones.