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Red Quartz Stretch Bracelets


This bracelet combines the high amplifying energy of Quartz with the balancing and stabilizing vibration of Hematite to create its own unique synergy that balances your body, mind, and spirit.

Red quartz has many attributes, including aiding in spiritual development, increasing energy levels, and improving concentration. Its grounding nature is also thought to be helpful in manifesting desires and protecting against negative energy.

Hematite ‘The healing stone’ - The protective ‘Stone of the Mind’ connects and stimulates the mind by strengthening our connection with Mother Earth. It enhances memory and concentration and generates higher levels of deep thought vibrations to allow for higher learning. Hematite helps people studying Technical Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science or works in these job sectors.
This stone will also heighten self-confidence, self-determination, and self-esteem, an excellent grounding and balancing access for people who lack courage.

Sizes: 6-8.5 please list size with order

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